Directions to WVES

Directions to WVES from Columbia, S.C.

1. Start out going North on Assembly St/SC-48 N toward US-1 N/US-378                                                                    

2. Turn left onto US-1 S/US-378 W/Gervais St.                                                                           

3. Turn Right onto Huger St/US - 176 W US-21 N/US-321 N.                                                    

4. Merge onto US-76 W.                                                                                                             

5. US-76 W becomes I-26 W.                                                                                                     

6. Take the SC-296/Reidville Rd. exit, Exit 22, toward Spartanburg.                                              

7. Turn LEFT onto Reidville Rd/SC-296 W.                                                                                  

8. Turn Sharp right onto Oak Grove Rd.                                                                                         

9.  400 Oak Grove Rd. is on the Left.    

Directions to West View from Greenville, S.C. 

1.  Take I-385 S. 

2.   Merge onto I-85 N via Exit 36 toward Airport/Spartanburg

3.   Merge onto US-29 N via Exit 66 toward Spartanburg-West Wellford

4.   Turn Right onto S Blackstock RD.

5.    Turn Slight Right onto Oak Grove RD.

6.     400 Oak Grove RD is on the Right.